Water Chiller- Open Style
Adopting fully enclosed reciprocating compressor, and according to customer’s requests to design the chiller. With Single/Twin compressors. High EER, high power, and low noise.
    Well adopted reciprocating compressor, with high EER value. It improves energy, and reduces noise. Customized chiller with two or more compressors sets, two refrigerant circuits, and able to do electrical independently. The system can be adjusted to avoid over loading to prolong the using life time. With the best auto control, large water yielding, multiple piping. The best design to constant temperature, and save heat waste. The system is well- designed by following the theory of refrigeration. It can definitely have the greatest capacity. 
  Product Specifications

ITEMMODEL CY-50 CY-80 CY-100 CY-150 CY-200 CY-300
Kcal/h 15000 24000 30000 45000 60000 90000
Power 3Ø 220V 380V 440V 50Hz 60Hz
Consumpted Power(KW) 4.9 8 10.3 15.5 20.6 26.6
Compressor Type  Fully enclosed reciprocating
No. Single Single Single Single/Twin Twin Twin
Start  Direct starting
Condenser  Shell tub type
Cooling water machine  Shell tub type
Feron Type R-22
Circuit Single Single Single Single/Twin Twin Twin
Control Temp. senstive auto expansion valve
Water Flow Capacity Cooling Water 65 104 130 195 260 390
Iced Water 50 80 100 150 200 300
Fube Dia Cooling Water 1”PT 1 1/2”PT 1 1/2”PT 2” PT 2” PT 2 1/2” PT
Iced Water 1”PT 1 1/2”PT 1 1/2”PT 2” PT 2” PT 2 1/2” PT
Cooling Water Temp Control  IC micro-computer auto temp. adjuster
Protective Device High & low pressure swich Overload protective device
Motor coil overheat protector
IC micro-computer temp. setting
Safety switch                   Antifrozen switch
Bady cating Dustproof primer & coating
Machine Weight(kg) 160 220 250
350 400 500
Main Dimension
(L×W×H) ㎜
1200×650×1400 1200×650×1400 1500×650×1400
1800×650×1500 1900×650×1600 2200×650×1600