Air Cooling Type.
The most reliable cooling system for Silo owner.
Grain Chiller_ Air Cooling Type.
  Grain chiller uses a high pressure fan to take ambient air through the air filter then into the air cooler.
   After processing by the air cooler, the cold air coming out with a temperature + 7 ℃ and the relative humidity about 94%, will be reheated by the unique heater. The reheated process will reduce the relative humidity of the cold air by immediately raising temperature in order to maintain a proper humidity to store the grain.
   By passing this air into the base of the silo, the cold air is forced to go upwardly, and finally be distributed throughout the whole storage. The warm and humid air is forced to be discharged the storage and be replaced by the dry cold air. The cooling operation is completed as soon as the escaping air becomes cold.
   Grain is a good insulator which can remain cool for a long period.
   The cold air inside the storage is always drier and colder than the outside surroundings.

   As a result, it can eliminate the risk of condensation.
   This Cooling system is entirely independent of weather conditions, due to its special design of re-heat device. Even in rainy season, there is no risk of re-humidification.


1. Store the grain freshly for a longer period.

2. Slow down the respiration of the grain.

3. Avoid losses caused by insect activity and microbial growth.

4. Avoid condensation inside steel silo. 

5. Adjust the using of grain driers.  

6. High efficiency, high performance, and low costs. 

1. Easy installation

2. Water clean or not will not be an issue.

3. Different climates have no influence.

※Louder than water type grain chiller.